Plugging Holes – Not Going Far Enough

The response of our elected leaders so far has been the creation of plans —  some as far looking as 20 years forward, aiming to address everything from housing, service access, transit equity, food access, quality of jobs and incomes.


Plans are important and necessary, but as far too many of us already know, it’s not enough.


That’s because at the end of the day, what we are witnessing is the culmination of years and years of economic thinking and policy that puts money before people. It’s a mindset that has helped create some of the most stark and unequal divides throughout the world. It’s a process where rich people rule over the rest of us, and ultimately help create cities that concentrate wealth and power in a few hands. It’s a ticking time-bomb that only ends up costing us much more down the line.  


We need solutions now, because poverty and inequality are expensive!

  • Poverty leads to worsening physical and mental health
  • Poverty leads people towards desperation and crime
  • Poverty leads to environmental problems
  • Poverty leads to generational inequality and low economic outcomes
  • Poverty leads to lower educational outcomes and literacy
  • Poverty leads to violence against women, racism and child malnutrition


We need action that recognizes that in 2018, there are things that must be a right. We need a collective strategy that doesn’t just look at band-aids or to punishing people that are poor. We need a government and leaders that understand the urgency of taking action now in order to secure a better tomorrow.